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Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner

For today, gonna continue with the Chinese New Year’s eve dinner, or the Chinese called it reunion dinner*团圆饭tuan yuan fan*. Actually, we made it a steamboat for that night. Easier to prepare and it’s nice to have it with family also.

So, the following are few shots of it.

So many things inside it. Yummyyyyyyy~ =)

My family. From the left, my mum, dad, 2nd brother, grandma, and my youngest brother. Actually my family is quite small compared to the others.

Taking the foods.

Sausage, meat balls, etc.

Home made chili+garlic+soya sauce.

My dad.

Foods, foods, and foods.

2nd round.

Main drink on that night. Tiger beer, but I preferred Heineken. LOL 

Fei Zai brother.

My grandma.

Guess what is the orange+white thingy on the top. Kinda like prawn huh? Yea, it’s prawn, but is the vegetarian type, made from flour. I like it, very nice. =)

My mum. That time she was chewing something. That’s why a bit chubby. Haha.

My favorite, PRAWN. Can’t ever find the fresh one in Russia. *sad sad =(*

The dessert on the night. ^^

My first ever angpau on the New RABBIT Year.

Okay, that’s a lot for today, I mean the pictures. LOL. Thanks for visiting. Bye2 =)

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