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Feel like writing

Suddenly have a strong feeling that I need to type something and make a blog post today. Typing with my iPad gave me a long lost feeling that I used to have last time. Still remember the last when I make a long write up was during my winter travel to Europe. Writing in the train to make myself awake so that I won’t miss my train stop. Or even staying up all night long to make sure that I can catch my train in the morning. Then, it was so free and I got my time to actually write up some travel experiences.
For today, I actually skipped Mass and staying at home all day long. Cooked myself a good breakfast and enjoyed my time alone. Such a beautiful Sunday morning I had. Plus I didn’t on the light in my room and it was so dimmed, even now I’m typing on my bed, just feel like it is already night. I actually feel good staying in a darker place. Haha. But yeah, not completely dark though, actually I on a small little yellow lamp over my room.
Didn’t have my lunch yet and it’s already 5 plus in the evening already. Not going to have it though, will just wait for dinner then. Maybe should nom something lighter and make my tummy stop mumbling my brain for food. If not I don’t think I can make it till dinner time. Haha. What to do, too lazy to cook myself a lunch just now.

Alright, till the next.

1st Feb

I’m inside the bus now. On my way to Brugge. Will write it down first then will be posting it a bit later when I got my internet connection. Trip has been great so far. Just that witnessed some couple drama when I was in Amsterdam. Why the lovers must always fight and argue, will it make the trip any better? Hmmm~ God knows it perhaps. Since then I didn’t manage to go to much places around in Amsterdam. At first was planning to go to sex museum but too bad, non of them wanna go. If I’m going alone, I think most probably I go already. And also a visit to coffeeshop, but yeah, can’t go alone though. Will be visiting Amsterdam for another time, hopefully. So far, I still preferred traveling alone, less drama actually. Because of this kind of drama, I think that’s why I can’t get a girlfriend till now. Lol. Sounds like I’m giving excuses.
Berlin trip was great, just that the weather was a bit awful. Too cold to walk around. Went to much places, covered almost most of the top attractions. The most memorable one was about buying myself a new parka and eating the pork knuckle with beer, great meal ever. So in love with my new jacket, got a discount price and bought it in a right size. It looks a bit big for me but who cares, as long as I feel comfortable and looking nice. I thought parka supposed to be like that? Isn’t? Haha. Pork knuckle with beer was too awesome to describe, totally worth my twenty EURO :) And I was too full to walk back to hostel that night. Lol.
Used up a bit too much of my money for buying souvenir. But yeah, so much more to pay back in my life. Maybe I can’t even pay it all until the end of my life. Too much of things to stuff in into my bag, hopefully they will be still some places for some new buying stuffs.
Too many things more for me to explore around on my own feet. Perhaps I’ll be getting more chances like this. Just fall in love with this solo trip. Pro and cons, pro more than cons. Hahaha.
Weather seems good today in Brugge. Hopefully can get some good shots. Reaching soon, will blog some more then.
And yeah, so sorry to hear quite a number of bad news from Emy. Perhaps this little girl will be alright. Be strong my sistah :)
Till then~

Traveling Alone

Currently in Munich. A while more I’m going to take the train to Berlin. Have to stay up a bit, don’t want to repeat the same mistake again. Well, I actually woke up late the day where I wanna go for my Euro trip. When I opened my eyes that time, it was already 10.20am while my flight was at 12.30pm. Damn. I was panic that time, almost cry the shit out of me. You have no idea how rush. I was. Within 20 minutes I got ready and all the way to the airport. Luckily the taxi driver make it for me. But the route that he used was not the usual one that I usually go for. But who care, as long as I make it on time. After paying the taxi driver and got my backpack, straight away I rushed to the counter for checking in. Not much people though that time. Checked in the backpack, then the turn for security check. The check was kinda strict though since the terrorist bombing case happened few weeks ago.
Flew on time and reached Moscow. Waited for quite some time before the next flight to Munich. About 3 hours I think. Plus a bit delaying also. At last, I reached Munich after 3 hours plus of flight. Thought that I would be taking S7 all the way but surprisingly airberlin is the one who took me from Moscow to Munich.
Reached in Munich. Kind of blank at first since it’s my first time traveling alone. Need to figure out lot of things. Where, when, what and how. Thanks God that I was able to leave the airport by taking a S-bhan and all the way to München Hbf. When I reached the main train station, I went blank again, dunno which way to go for my hostel. iPhone and iPad’s GPS are not functioning well. Anyhow, I still make my way there after recognizing the street name. Paid up the balance due and got into my room, repack my bag then went out to grab some food. Damn I was hungry that time, almost not eating for the whole day. You know what’s the first food that came across my mind? Yup, three alphabets, KFC, not the other else. LOL. Just want something meaty to fulfill my poor tummy a bit.
After my dinner, explored around the city center. Main one was Marienplatz, the place where with some old gothic style buildings. Went back to hostel about 11 plus, washed up myself a bit and ready to sleep. But before that, got my chance to meet some new friends from Spain. they three are from Bilbao. Can’t really sleep at night, somebody was snoring worse than a pig. The worst one I ever encounter. It’s kind like a speaker with a max volume, just imagine that. Bad bad. Since I don’t get enough of sleep, so I extended my sleeping time a bit for another half an hour before going out for my day tour in Munich. Firstly I went to this Sankt Paul Church, not far from my hostel. Then not far from the church is the Bavaria Statue. Walk all the way there, it was not that far, just the snowy rain make it a bit difficult for me. Thought that my show is water proof, who know my socks got wet at last and I wore it for the whole day. Euwwww~ Can’t imagine the smell later on. Hahaha. After the Bavaria Statue, I dropped by at the Viktualienmarkt for a look. Nothing much there actually, plus it was Sunday. Non of the shop is opening. Later on, I went to the Deutsche Museum. The ticket is quite cheap if you show your student ID, around €3 only. The most interesting part in the museum was about the photo and film. All kind of cameras were there. So tempting. How I wish I got such collection too :)
The next destination was BMW World and Museum. So many nice cars around plus the weird one also. Haha. And a motor stunt man was making some skill demos in the hall itself. Climbed up and went down the staircase with a BMW motocross bike. Cool enough. Didn’t go into the museum since I don’t really like car much. Later on, I went around the Olympiapark. Climbed up all the way to the top and see the whole view of it. Got take myself some panorama shots too. Was really really hungry that time, at last I bought myself a plate of fries which cost me €3. So yummy :)
After the Olympiapark, I went to Siegestor then the Englischer Garten. Saw this Monopteros and the Chinese Tower. The sun was so kind at the end of the day, giving me some sunlight for few beautiful shots.
So I visited almost all the top places in Munich already. Last destination before dinner, Hard Rock Cafe. Got myself a tshirt as usual. Had my dinner in a Chinese cuisine restaurant. The food, so so only for me actually. Then of course my favorite place Starbucks for a after dinner tea. Got myself a Java Chips. Too bad that I’ve no place to sit around and decided to leave that place. Cold weather plus a cold drinks on my hand. Went to Sankt Michael Church for a little prayer before going back to hostel. Make it to meet Chan and the gang for a card session and some Bavarian beer. They are just staying next to my hostel.
Can say that traveling alone is kind like lonely though, but yeah, the good thing is you can do whatever you want, go wherever you wanna go. Leave some footsteps on your own and someday perhaps you’ll able to bring the loved one to the places that you’ve been to :)


Just like the title itself. Yeah, my life has been dramatic recently. I dunno, but it happened. At first we were planning a 4 people trip together, but then at last I’m the only one who is going. You know the feeling, it’s like all on your own now. I’m all alone which I can say. The “housemates” are having some argument but yet I’m the final victim. If you don’t feel like going together or you don’t feel yourself suit of the traveling style, just don’t agree with the others that you’re joining at the very beginning. If there are some problems between you all, better talk it out, what for you keep it plus some more you’re making drama on it. Which this can make things worse or complicated. I really don’t understand.

Sometimes, it’s better not making too much of friends into your priority. In the same time, they can give you not a damn shit while you take them as one of your special one. The status of “best friend” ain’t no more, which they aren’t think that you’re as special as the way you thought of them. The world can be cruel sometimes. Being good to somebody ain’t the good way anymore. Preferably treating them badly are the correct one. Perhaps that’ll be the last, not in the mood to ask people out for a tea, date, dinner or what so ever again. Just wasting of their times and mine too. Well, the most hurting sentence ever, “Why are you sad if I don’t talk to you? If you don’t talk to me, I wouldn’t be sad though.” A big OUCH there for me :(

Yea, that’s part of the sad life that I’m having right now. Making friend can be a wrong choice sometimes. How pathetic I’m.

I’m fine, perhaps :(

I’m fine, perhaps :(